Bae Watch

I wrote this piece awhile ago but i think its good to revisit it. Let me know what you think.

Nowadays , you cant go through social media without seeing #RelationshipGoals in every other post. People celebrating anniversaries and writing on several social media walls for the world to know. Spewing their hearts out about how much they appreciate their partner and so forth.

People mark their calender's and yet even some remember off head when they become coupled up with someone because that very moment they asked that question.. " would you be mine?", meant a whole lot to them.

If us humans find the need to #baewatch , and mark our calender's to celebrate our relationships with our earthly friends and significant others...


If one should ask me for how long I've been a Christian , I wont be able to give them an answer . My Christian life has been like the on again off again relationship . You know the type of relationship that if you were to ask ," how long have you been together?" My answer would range from... "umm does all the break ups and me being absent in between count ???''

This led to my next question I asked myself.

If I dont celebrate and even remember when I got into a relationship with Christ to even remember our anniversaries but do with my earthly partner and friends , on which pedestal do I place my relationship with God ?

This may not seem much to others but to me it really made me think. Great relationships in general last longer with commuinication, Trust, Honesty and love and with each anniversary, there is a 'look how far we have come ' moment and ' it only gets better from here " to " to more years ..'

I thought to myself, If I were to apply this same principle with my relationship with God, Place Him on a much higher pedestal and maybe follow the, " we just talking ' stage to " Jesus is Bae" kind of timeline , It may look a little something like this ;

Communicate with Him all the time = Which should be twice as much as id like to communicate with any individual on this earth . The Plus side is there are no long distance charges.

Trust = Trust that everything he does for me id for my own good and will be done in His proper timing and well as Him being able o Trust that i will seek Him first for all answers. Him being able to trust that i will tell people i am with Him and not be ashamed of HIM

Honesty = The one person that can and actually understands both my verbal honesty and those i cant express fully . Which is great for me because i suck at verbally expressing myself. He sees all i do , hears all i say , knows when im crying and happy . Constant .. ( aint that some good quality ) . When i mess up , i can come clean with Him and provided I am legitimately sorry , He will forgive me .

Love = Get to know Him more than any other human being out there. Understand His ways better , His Thoughts about me and plans for us .

So starting now , be on baewatch for me , Because I've been talking to my maker for awhile now and I think I want to take it to the next step . You know .. get serious about us .

Come to think of it I think this relationship could be the best thing I could do this year for myself .

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