Before I say anything … how are you?

In this present day and time where everyone’s is carrying the busy torch, we barely stop to ask the most fundamental question …

Hey, how are you doing?

Often in my day job, I have people who approach my desk and go straight to the point,

“Hey Grace, can you do this ... or that …?”

Majority of the time, I am swamped with lots of work and sometimes, all I wish is for someone to ask.

“Hey Grace, how are you doing? If you are busy now, I can come back later...

Easier said when you placing blame elsewhere right?

But I noticed I do the exact same thing outside of the office when I call friends or family or even some vendors or clients. I just go straight to the point without asking if;

1. They are OK.

2. Are they in a mental, physical, emotional state to carry on the conversation that I am about to have.

3. If not, can I be a listening ear instead.

One fundamental thing we have forgotten to do in this media era is to, check in on people.

We either check in to just offload what we have or just assume they are good by all what they post on social media so we just proceed to the order of business.

Mental health has always been an issue and I am glad we are tuning in to understand it more. But before we deal with the larger things, let us start with the smaller things...

Just Ask how someone is doing, with an intent to listen.

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