Broken but not Dead

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

How many of y'all have felt broken but then felt your heartbeat and knew that you were still alive? You went through some life changing event and felt as though the world beneath you was removed from under you? Well I am here to tell you I can also relate and if you are reading this, you are alive and there is HOPE!

There is a big difference between broke and broken. Broke well has to do with currency and can be revived or replaced. (i.e money, plate, etc). Being broken has to do with quality of life that in some cases over time, and with proper care and support can be revived but not forgotten. It is not replaced rather, certain people or things can be added or taken from to lessen or enhance its effect. Sadly, the state of being broken can also resonate with someone so bad that, they do not recover at all.

I, like many of you, have gone through situations that has in one way left me absolutely broken. One of them being very recent and some people in my life know about it and some dont. This particular event left a wound that gladly over time is healing but I know I will never forget. ( In time I will share)

Prior to this particular traumatic event, I had gone through several things in my life that had changed me but I was able to overlook or move on from it. But this, This was different. Life as I knew it altered and I saw the world differently from October 11th 2019 onward.

Those that were privilege to know started to pour in advice in myriad ways and even as I was questioning my very existence, something started to make sense and the brokenness began its mending process.

As the days turned to weeks and then months, Some of the advice that was given to me began to sink in and with them started answering some questions that I had. These I will share over the course of my blog and I hope I am brave enough to do videos as well.

What I learnt are listed below and would be talked about

1. He (God) always provides

2. If the Pot is not broken, but just the water spill, Then the pot can hold water again.

3. JOB: God only takes to give better

4. Joseph: All that you are going through aligns with your destiny

5. Do you really have a say

6.Purpose is Simple; love God, love neighbor

7. Be still

8. In all Things give thanks

These topics came about through my brokenness. The conversation I had, the messages i listen to and my willingness to listen around me .God speaks to us in many ways and i became attentive.

Pray that I will be brave and I pray you too will be brave to share

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