Covid and I - written by Obaa Yaa

I am so honored to use my space to share other thoughts . Here is a piece by a dear sister of mine who wanted to share what was on her mind about Covid. Please read , share and comment .

Who else is beginning to enjoy this working from home life? I have to say that I am enjoying it more than I had thought. I acknowledge that this might not be the case for everyone, as some have lost their jobs, lost their loved ones, their relationships are being tested, or do not have the space in their residence to accommodate working from home. Nevertheless, I as the optimist that I am, have seen the upside to being in quarantine. I am using this time to reflect on my year thus far, further my personal development, connect with others and address areas that require more attention.

So far, I think I am doing well. I have fallen back in love with reading!!! It might not seem like much, but I use to love reading till I went to University and reading became a chore because all I had time

to read were scientific journals. A book that I recently read and would highly recommend is “Stay with me” by Aypobami Adebayo. This book has the quintessential West African movie story line with the twist and turns of a slow burn movie. There are so many pages left unturned in African literature and I have made a conscious effort to reconnect with my roots through literature this year.

Back to my time in quarantine, I have started connecting with people outside of my circle more and more. This all happened when I decided to call members of my church to check-in with them and how they are coping during this time. This experience has honestly been such a blessing. I always knew that as humans we are all connected but this experience has given me a better understanding and appreciation for how connected we really are. Through this phone call initiative, I learned so much about myself and the importance of being intentional with my words, time and actions. During each of the conversations, the speakers indirectly addressed concerns or issues that I have been dealing with. One of it was about the battle between intentions and impact. This seems to be a recurring theme in my year, so far, I have been in three major situations that my intent did not make the impact I had intended, and it caused hurt feelings and has forever changed the dynamic of the relationships. With that being side, this period of self-reflection has allowed to better understand how my intentions missed the mark. I say this not to say that I have won the battle with intention and impact, NO! if anything, I have a better awareness of it and I am now able to examine my motives and action to ensure they align with the impact I intend on making.

Do I think we will come out of quarantine with big ole smiles on our faces and a new skill - NO! Will we come out more self-aware with gladness in our hearts for the people we have and the beauty of creation- HEAVEN YES!!!!

I think we have all learned a thing or two during this trying time be it our ability to cope with uncertainty, something we didn’t know about our partners, or why we do certain things. Here is a list of some of the things I have learned/ come to recognize and appreciate during quarantine:

  • Things don’t always go as planned so be flexible

  • We are all connected and are often battling the same demons at varying degrees

  • Buying something new every month is overrated

  • I love my home and being indoors

  • The people in my life RIGHT NOW are exactly the people I NEED