Death by Assumptions

I come from a rich culture where, when one is getting married, elders or people that have been married before them, give them advice to live by.

I was so privileged to have so many advice during mine, But there is still one that rings a bell in my head every now and then.

It was delivered in a form of a story so Hopefully, I don’t bore your away

One elder said;

A man was ready to get married so he found himself a wife. He wanted to provide her with everything life had to offer so shortly after they were wedded he called his wife and said he would go abroad to work and then come make something of himself when he back.

After the man left, his wife who now didn’t want to stay alone asked her brother to come and live with her in the house.

You must remember this story is before cell phones, but news still traveled fast.

The man started hearing stories about his wife having another man in the house. That all the money he is sending, she was using it to take care of her new man whom she even had the audacity to bring to their home.

Soon enough, the man had heard enough. So, he decided that one day he would go back home unannounced and take action on both his wife and the new man.

The wife who was unaware of her husbands return had retired to bed with her brother. Because they didn’t have much space, they had to share a bed.

The husband who was now hiding behind one of the windows to see something to give him just cause to act, saw his wife get up, ask a figure laying beside her if he wanted water as she was going to get some to drink

That angered the husband so much that he went into the house and shot the figure that was laying there. When the wife heard the noise, she returned into the room only to see her husband next to her brothers motionless body.

In her surprise she forgot about the noise and asked her husband

“I didn’t know you were coming today, I would have prepared something. Let me wake my brother up so we welcome you properly”

But it was too late, He had believed in what other people were telling him and ASSUMED his wife was cheating on him.”

The moral for this story was to advise us to never let in a third party and listen to what other people say about our spouse. And to always communicate with each other first.

I think the story tells it all . I don’t need to run my mouth about what you got from it. You tell me

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