Feeling really ....Un-noticed?

sorry guys , been writing 12 page papers back to back and it has really stolen my joy for the arts.. painting and writing alike... any who ... I'm back with another written piece..from my midnight thoughts and rants .. Hope you enjoy!!

I am not sure if you can relate but nod your head if you have been cut of mid sentence while you were talking and the conversation went on without anyone noticing you ?

Raise your hands if your friend/ relatives and loved ones mentioned getting someone ELSE to do a task or a job which you are qualified and capable of doing?( like hello !)

Do a sad praise dance if you saw said friends/relatives or loved ones give shout outs to other people on social media who they admire for ( post job description here) and you were not even an after thought?

Can you relate or nah ?

I am not sure if it is a personality type or just my attribute of being an underdog in this phase of my life but I have been feeling pretty unnoticed in my field of work.. which is being an artist for those of us who don't go past my blog.. ( check out the whole website!)

Off late , I have been thinking about being loud in my approach to things. .. You know .. post more , show my face more and adopt one of the " hi guys and welcome to my channel " mantras, which admittedly , it really aint me .

But I have also discovered something along the journey of being an artist.. As much as I may need to be aggressive in my approach to being a household name in this industry, I do have people who genuinely follow me , buy my art, give me words of encouragement and are both silently and loudly vouching for me.( and to yallz I say thank you !)

In that voucher lays my drive to push harder and do better. I have changed my Unnoticed status , which often brings me down and makes me want to do less, to a " if there is no seat at the table for you .. girl you is an artist! paint your own table with you sitting at the head of it !" I really don't have time to compare anymore because my journey is uniquely mine and it breaking or standing depends on my thrive to keep going.

So a little advice to anyone working hard at whatever it is that you are good at. Who feels undermined and unnoticed by those especially close to you... Do not let the social media hype fool you .. Keep working at your pace, change where you see fit.. have a break when your body and being needs it and keep the kind encouragements and the push you get from the few who have seen you.

Because when you make it.... and you WILL make it .. it will be those that were there from the start that cheered you on and still cheer you on .. those are the ones you should invite to your banquet .. because it wont be a table darling.. it will be a feast !

ps. to all those that have been supporting me from day one! and those that joined me along the way and keep buying my art, booking me and telling people about me , I see you and I appreciate you so much !!