He. God. Always. Provides. Periodt!

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

Part 1: Broken but not Dead

Philipians 4:19 "And my God will supply all my needs according to HIS riches in glory in Christ Jesus"

There is something lovely about the words in Philippians . My supply of needs comes from His riches and His riches are boundless. But sometimes we are unable to understand the suppliers plans when certain things happen and our initial reaction is to question God.

It was a very hard for us (my husband and I) when I went into labor and lost our preterm child. We too, like anyone else had many question we wanted to ask God. This Post is not to talk about that but rather, the provision that was granted us. Again, in due time, if needed I will talk about the loss in detail.

So back to the events that happened right after...

Prior to that unforeseen event on that particular day, My parents who would never come to Canada when it is cold My parents, were scheduled to come here for my brothers graduation. They were suppose to come closer to the time but according to my father, he is still unsure why he changed their date to an earlier one, which would bring them here exactly on October 11th.

On that same day, we lost our child right around their arrival time. So instead of us being the ones to pick them up from the airport, my uncle picked them up and brought them straight to the hospital. And as parents who have suffered the same ordeal before and are well advanced in how to handle such situations, they were already at work. My father, knowing that my husband and I will be in no condition to make any arrangement for the burial and other things was already calling the right people ( notice i wrote right) to help us in our predicament. My mother was all hands on deck to nurse me back to health.

Through the days that followed, I was reminded of the Very wise words that people told me. Which was that, before anything happens to us in the physical realm, It goes right before God and He sees it before it happens. Before we lost our child, God already knew we would need the help ahead of time and Provided ahead of time. He knew we would be in grief and would not know how to go about things and He provided a church family that helped us with the funeral and other arrangement.

As a human being, I would be lying if I said that I was not grieving. However I am more aware and grateful for His provision that He made ahead of time for us. My understanding of riches through Christ Jesus expanded when I realized my needs were important to Him. And though I may not know what the future hold, He is already supplying my needs ahead of me.

To our Beautiful Daughter Ella-Mae Afia Asiedu, heaven couldn't wait for you. Until we meet again.