Heaven Couldn't Wait For You

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

I wrote this piece on October 12 2019. This month of February, I couldn't bring myself to blog as i was emotionally dealing with what should have been my daughters birth month. Her due date was February 14 , 2020 and its been a tough month for me overall. I will resume blogging next month .

But while we wait, i wanted to add a piece to my Poetry side of things and this is what i chose.

And just like that , in a matter of three hours and a couple of minutes. I am a mother and then I am not?

And just like that , my baby girl is born and is dead?

I remember laying on the table as they handed you to me


Heaven couldn't wait for you started to play in my head.

You took a deep breath and mine stopped.

in that very moment i wanted to stop breathing so you could breath for life.

Heaven couldn't wait for you

My little jungle gym

Oh how i miss your little kicks.

How you calmed down when i sang.

how you loved you dada's voice and cooking

Heaven couldn't wait for you

My sweet little Ella

Your eyes never did open

But you brought so much joy to us

your dads nose, fingers and eye brows and legs

your moms head shape

But everything was all you.

Heaven couldn't wait for you

As i kiss you goodbye

Tell God to give mom and dad the strength to keep on

To keep counting on him and be assured that you are fine

Oh my beautiful daughter

My little fighter

3 hours you breathed

Daddy held you

Mommy held you

The world , cruel at your arrival

But heaven couldnt wait for you

Ours Forever, Our Ella-Mae Afia Asiedu

October 11 2019-October 11 2019