I Woke Up In The Other Shoe..

I work downtown Toronto during the day, I am usually commuting during rush hour both to work and from work.

you can add me to the 99% of people joining the robotic dance of the rush game.

you know, bobbing and weaving through people just so I can get to work on time.

What I absolutely hated were slow pokes as I used to called them. People in front of me walking slowly or looking displaced.That 1% of people that i thought were either useless, purposeless and just... annoying! the amount of insults I have rained down on them while I huffed and puffed to get by. Sometimes, I will look at them briefly when I overtake them, so the see my face and my displeasure with them.

harsh right?

Just as life will have it, karma I say is a self-reflector through once owns lens.

Last two weeks I fell ill and was put on pain meds just so that I can still go to work. The illness affected my whole body but mostly my right leg abdominal area and back, so I had to walk slowly everywhere I went.

I was walking to the train station after work, during rush hour, taking my time as the doctor had instructed and I could hear someone huffing and puffing behind me, they eventually overtook me and said under their breath

“I can’t stand people that walk slow, it is called rush hour for a reason”

I just chuckled, because at that very moment, I was given a chance to see myself.

In her eyes, I looked well and able and she probably did not understand why I had no sense of urgency and was causing pedestrian traffic.

It really dawned on me …

· How many times had a judged someone without knowing their circumstance

· How many times had I assumed the worst in somebody without wondering all the factors that had led them there

· How many times had a compared myself to someone and thought I was better than them just because of how I looked, education, etc...

We are instructed to love as we want to be loved. So, after watching myself in that lady walk by huffing and puffing, I made a conscious decision to not judge anymore. If I can help it.

I got to spend some weeks in someone else’s shoes and I must say that I didn’t like being on the receiving end .

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