Maybe you are the problem ...

Before you exit out of this blog post because you think I am finger pointing, please Please hear me out.

I see a lot of post on social media platforms that goes like this...

" I asked God to watch over me and I started losing friends"... or

" I prayed God should protect me from my enemies and my number of friends decreased" ...

you can add on to the likes of these kind of comment.

I woke up this morning to a weird thought..

What if I was the one that needed to be uprooted from someone else' life?

What if I was the answer to the problem someone was praying to be uprooted?

Will I then keep the same energy in a post that will go something like this ;

"They asked God to uproot a thorn, I no longer felt like talking to them"

"They prayed to God to make them know their season, our friendship felt like it had come to an end"

Doesn't sound so nice when you are the object being discussed right?

OK, now if you are still reading this and you are wondering . " OK Grace , where are you going with all this now that you got us in our feelings?"

Let me land...

I just wanted us to take note of the fact that just as you pray and certain people are moved from you life, you too can be the answer to such aforementioned problem. one has to just be mindful of the seasons and honestly keep the same energy across the board.

We are human just as we feel hurt , we also hurt. Just as people are in our lives for a reason or another, so are you in another life for the same reason.

Let us recognize the seasons and how we play a part in it.

Just a Tuesday rant... comments are welcome !!!!!