Somebody is Watching You

No I don't mean Big brother or uncle Sam, or the people that are in our devices who listen to our every word and send us shoe ads right after we just finished talking about shoes. (creepy much !)

I mean you are being watched by admirers, nonchalant and haters alike.

I will Just concentrating on admirers today ... aint got time for the haters (Forreal)

Now that the world is even smaller because of social media, somebody somewhere in the world, Is watching you to imitate, learn and get advice from you towards their own goals.

I never thought of that until quite recently when I was approached on social media by a few people who had followed my artistic journey and somehow assumed I was a rich artist! (please not yet but buy my work and book me and I just will be)

I must say its unexpected, I now feel a little pressured and I feel responsible now to make it in this industry. (and i will Aymennnnn!)

I currently hold the banner with a big circle of artists who are currently waving the #strugglingArtist . Trying to push our work and building it for the next generation as well .

Many a times we go through life thinking that we are just on our own. We make decision that makes us think that it doesn't affect anyone or anything but it does ! Recently I've had someone who works in a different artistry contact me and ask about how I've managed to make it( my bank account will laugh) .

I had to gently explain to them that I appeared to have made it because of my postings and my drive to make it and offered them a few advice on their journey.

Shortly after, I had another client message me , thanking me for hosting paint parties because they were therapeutic. ( chime in "queen" by bohemian rhapsody just the first two lines)

I must say it is refreshing and sometimes a kick towards the right direction. You never know ... somebody somewhere is emulating your work ethics and monitoring your success story just to follow in the path you've created.

for that reason , among many others, I push on and press on towards the goal. I may falter some days but i think the goal is to be an artist with a difference.

Continuously using art as a form of therapy

And Forever a creative,

Mrs A