Yea.. But mine is worse

Ever had one of those dialogues whereby you try to express to someone what’s going on with you and they kind of tell you how worse theirs is compared to you?

Before you nod your head in agreement … you guilty of this too ... I do it, you do it, we all do it

Alright now that you are pissed at me... please read on …

That whole “yeah I hear you, but have you had so and so and mine is worse outlook on life”

Where do we get the God complex that makes us feel like we are the only ones that must feel something so much, none compares?

Or the idea that someone’s pain, problems or feelings are minuscule in comparison to yours?

As usual, I came to realize this through a conversation where I was trying to explain something to someone and on the receiving end , it almost seemed like my issue was minuscule to theirs. Upon hearing them talk more about how their issue was more than mine, I just thought to myself .. but you did not experience it in my skin !

I quickly ended that conversation before it turned into a tag of war of who hurts the most .. which made me realize something ..

We are all made differently and respectfully so. We have nature versus nurture and diverse life experiences. Also we have different pain thresholds , opinions .. and the list goes on ..

Let us try to be more empathetic than be quick to respond when others are sharing. If you can not relate , cool . If you can ... still let them talk about theirs

trust me, I am learning to do so myself because I always want to share. But the stage however , is not mine alone AND DEFINITELY.. not yours alone unless we all sharing one skin.

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