You are standing in your own way

So just the beginning of this year , there was a craze on the decade challenge. Everyone and their father was showing past and present pictures of themselves. knowing how I am , I avoided it at all cost becauseI knew id start thinking about where I actually thought id see myself in 10 years.. 10 years ago...

Now this may seem unrelated but ..

Have you ever heard the saying " Life and death lies in the power of the tongue"? If you haven't now you have . But those who have, Have you actually taken in the weight of that sentence ?

Now think of the myriad ways in which you have prophesied some things unto you life without knowing

the " i cant do this " , "im too depressed" ," How am i going to make that money" or " im not qualified for (insert job description)"

We often profess so much negativity than positive and it sure does manifest doesn't it?

Imagine 10 years ago , you dreamt of owning a home, Having great relationship(s), maybe

owning your own business, a car, good credit .. etc

Now you step into the first day of the 10 years and you begin to down play those dreams by doubting yourself, calling bad moments in a day as a whole bad day,When it does manifest we then place the blame on others .

" well they weren't gonna hire me anyways" and "I knew it was a waste of time" then you start creating a ripple effect that launches you further from your dreams .

And then like many others , those days turn to years and you look back and just think to yourself ...

" Why didn't I just do what I said I was going to in the first place ?!"

We often times stand in the way of our own capabilities when we first of all use our words to profess into being.

I noticed that whenever I started my day of with a devotion and words of affirmations, I ended up having a great day. But whenever I didn't, my day always ended up uneventful and negative . I also noticed that the more I acted on the positive affirmations the more positive outcomes there were as compared to no affirmation or negative comments about myself made me "depressed" or sad.

It may not be the job or the money or the people but rather your own mouth through words to your life that stands in your way.

For me , I am taking the same little steps but towards the right direction

What are you doing different this new year? Even in light of all that is going on.

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